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Introduction of Research & Regional Cooperation Information


A university aspiring to create new value and contribute to the future of the local community



 To contribute to the reconstruction after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami and contribute to building a future for the region beyond this that will lead the community, Iwate Prefectural University will steadily implement its third 6-year medium-term plan star ting in 2017, while aspiring to contribute to the cultivation of creative talent in Iwate and the generation of vitality in the local community.
 To achieve this, we are working to promote research that contri butes to problem-solving and regional revitalization, as well a s actively disseminating our research results, while strengthening strategic research activities to support the creation of a rich local community, and striving to acquire further external funds for research.
In addition, we will develop human resources to serve as a base of knowledge in the region and build the future of Iwate, and are working to support internationalization of the region that will help foste r an understanding of multiculturalism and bring about research results that will contribute to regional problem-solving and the creation of a richer community.