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Message from the President

学長メッセージ  Message from the President

We anticipate the creation of new culture and the great potential of Iwate Prefectural University.

IPUpresident_suzuki.jpgIwate Prefectural University is located on magnificent land with the view of Mt. Iwate and Mt. Himekami as well as Kitakami River flows along side.

It was established in 1998 with "In hope of creating a new era of harmony among nature, science and mankind, we provide an education that fosters independence, sound knowledge, rich sensibility and highly specialized skills which contribute to the enrichment of humanity and society." as its founding principal.

On March 11, 2011, coastal areas of Iwate prefecture were hit by extraordinarily huge tsunami and received extensive damages. Right after the disaster, our students as well as faculty and staff immediately participated in various restoration and reconstruction activities and still continue to play a major role in the earthquake recovery volunteer efforts among students from all over the country. Besides, a variety of sports and cultural club activities are becoming increasingly active each year, they have been successful and won many prizes in various competitions and contests.

As you can see, our university is filled with young people who are heading into the future with a positive attitude towards their studies, social activities and extracurricular activities.

From now on, as the globalization progress intensifies, you would have more opportunities to face the world. You will learn the culture and the civilization of Japan and also other countries in the world, as well as cultivating a profound knowledge, intelligence, communication skills and sound judgement at all times. I hope you will be a someone with a strong curiosity and a spirit to face the challenges so that you would be able to succeed in various fields not only in Iwate but also the world outside. In order to do so, please make sure you do your best at your assignments no matter how small they are. Making every effort will give you a sense of achievement and confidence. I am certain that the accumulation of this is very important for character building in this age of globalization.
At this great campus situated on Iwate's symbol Takizawa region, both students and faculty will together devote themselves to developing energetic and attractive university while inheriting good traditions of Iwate Prefectural University, and aim to create a new culture in Iwate through education and research activities.